Prices - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

Fair and transparent, the prices in the ANDERS hotel walsrode

Accomodation prices at the ANDERS hotel Walsrode vary, depending on the length of stay and room type. Single rooms are available from 86,00€ and double rooms from 106,00€.

And: The earlier you book, the cheaper it is. Always included in the room price

  • gourmet brakfast buffet
  • wireless internet access (WiFi)
  • parking (only for direct bookings using the “Book now” button)

Upon reservation, a massage or relaxation treatment can be booked for an additional charge.

Prices - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

You will always find a flexible daily rate that can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before arrival outside of trade fairs. At the same time early bookers or guests who stay at least four nights will find exciting offers such as these:

The early bird catchest he worm

If you make a binding booking at least 21 days before arrival, you will safe 12% on the applicable room pirce during most times.

Caution: Discount and special prices must be paid immediately after booking (we will debit the amount from your credit card) and cannot be canceled or rebooked.

Prices - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

Courage to fill the gap

On selected dates it is even possible to get a 15% discount for a binding booking up to 3 days before arrival. The savings price cannot be canceled after booking. Your stay is payable on arrival.

In the event of cancellation, 90% oft he price oft he stay will be charged as cancellation costs. We debit these from your redit card.

Prices - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

The weekend special. Arrive on Friday or Saturday, stay at least 2 nights and save 10%.

Weekend guests who arrive on Friday or Saturday and stay 2 nights save a whopping 10 % on the applicable room rate with the weekend special. The weekend special price can be canceled free of charge up to 7 days before arrival. In the event of a later cancellation, 90% oft he price oft he stay will be charged as a cancellation costs which we debit from your credit card. Your stay is payable on arrival. (Book the weekend special price.)

Book 4 nights pay 3/ and only pay 3

If you really want to enjoy the Lüneburger Heide, you save correctly. In many times our super bargain „book 4 nights pay 3 / and only pay 3“ is availlable. You save up to 25% (the cheapest night is not calculated). Including WiFi and the breakfast buffet. The tariff cannot be changed and can no longer be canceled free of charge. Credit card required – payment upon booking. Here you can check whether the 4 for 3 bargain can be booked for your travel date.

Office Space

49,- double rooms for 3 hours and 64,- double rooms for 6 hours.
Business talk with a delicious gourmet breakfast from the buffet for 15,00€ p.p.
Or for lunch or business dinner for 23,50€ as a 3-course menu or à la carte.

Book your holiday and save

Families really save here. There are offers with and without flta drinks, with ticktes tot he most beautiful amusement parks and always with reduce accomodation prices.

Cancellation or rebooking of our flexible daily prices

If you choose a flexible daily rate the room can normally be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before arrival. Only at special times, such as trade fairs in hanover, New Year´s Eve and similar dates, the stay cannot be canceled after booking. If you cancel later, a cancellation orno show fee of 90% oft he booked stay price will be charged. We will inform you oft he exact conditions in the offer and your confirmation.

Cancellation or rebooking of our discount and special prices

At almost all times you have the choice between a flexible normal price or a discount or special price. Discount and special prices, such as our „book early and save tariff“ or the „we stay four nights price“ offer a substantial discount, but cannot be changed, cannot be canceled and are non-refundable. If you book through our website, these offers (excluding the early bird price) can be paid on site. Please only take advantage of these offers if you are sure that you will start the trip and take out travel cancellation insurance.

Cancellation without risk

To ensure that you receive possible financial losses if you cancel your holiday due to illness, accident or unemployment – including within the familiy – we recommend the products of our partner ERV (Europäische Reiseversicherung AG), the market leader among travel insures in germany.

Prepare now and take out travel insurance