Culineo teamcooking

Culineo teamcooking - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

„CULINEO“ – Teamcooking

Culineo is fun cooking in a group – itself and with a high enjoyment factor.

Under our expert guidance, you can prepare your own menu in the ANDERS restaurant. By the way, you have fun, lively entertainment and enjoy a great evening. You can then enjoy your finished menu together. A good mood is inevitale, cooking, working, feasting end enjoying go well together.

Culineo teamcooking - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

4-course menu, appropriate tot he season, expert instructions, 4 hours.

When you come, everything is prepared for you and your friends and included in the price: decorations for a decorated table, selected ingredients fresh from the market and recipes that you will succeed under expert guidance. The price includes: all kitchen utensils and equipment, the shopping cart for a selected 4-course menu according to theme or market situation, all drinks before and for food such as sparkling wine, a cocktail selection, harmonious wines, draft beer, non-alcoholic drinks, coffee specialities and „digest“ – as well as expert support for cooking and serving.

Duration 3,5 – 4 hours
nonlyur € 85,00 per person