12 circular hiking trails in the Lüneburg Heath

12 circular hiking trails in the Lüneburg Heath - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

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12 new circular hiking trails in the Lüneburg Heath, which the German Hiking Association has awarded with the “Wanderbares Deutschland” award.

They all take you through the Lüneburg Heath – along the well-known Heidschnuckenweg and still give you the opportunity to get to know the wonderful heath in a new way.

12 circular hiking trails in the Lüneburg Heath - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

Directly to the 12 new Heideschleifen circular hiking trails

Heath loop Töps

20.9 km, duration approx. 5.5 hours

Large and small heath areas, dark forests and pretty forest edges, clear heath streams and enchanted ponds.

Heideschleife Büsenbachtal

13.4 km, duration approx. 3.5 hours

Above and below, forest and heath, mountain and valley: the Büsenbachtal heath loop is full of contrasts. The undisputed highlight is the 129 meter high Brunsberg.

Heideschleife Schwarze Berge

16.6 km, duration approx. 4.5 hours

The Black Mountains heath loop leads mainly through the dense forests of the Rosengarten regional park and through the Black Mountains.

Heideschleife Angelbecksteich (barrierefrei)

1.4 km, duration approx. 30 min

A picturesque pond on the edge of a small heath area is something special in the Lüneburg Heath. Plus gentle hills, small birch and pine trees.

Heideschleife Radenbachtal

20.6 km, duration approx. 5 hours

Radenbachtal, Schmale Aue, Döhler Heide, Totengrund, Wilsede and finally the Wilseder Berg. The path provides a good insight into the varied, wide landscape north of the Wilseder Berg.

Heideschleife Pietzmoor

6.3 km, duration approx. 1.5 hours

The Pietzmoor is the largest contiguous moor in the Lüneburg Heath. cotton grass. Large bodies of water. Blue moor frogs. Dragonflies. Dead trees rise into the air. Long boardwalks. The moor comes close.

Heideschleife Müden (Örtze)

12.5 km, duration approx. 3.5 hours

For many visitors it is the most beautiful place on the Südheide: the half-timbered village of Müden (Örtze). Around Müden (Örtze) there is a varied landscape that tempts you to go hiking. Pagan. Forests. Streams. Grasslands. All the beauty of the heath.

Heideschleife Misselhorner Heide

8.1 km, duration approx. 2 hours

The narrow Misselhorner Heide and the adjoining Tiefental lie like a snail shell in the dark coniferous forest. It is not for nothing that this heath is one of the particularly popular heath areas in the Südheide.

Heideschleife Wilseder Berg

14.9 km, duration approx. 4 hours

Steingrund, Totengrund, Heidedorf Wilsede, Wilseder Berg, Heidetal: The Wilseder Berg heath loop is rich in highlights. Alternation of heath and forest. Outlook. Heathland landscapes in all variations. One of the most beautiful tours in the Lüneburg Heath.

Heideschleife Haverbeeke (barrierefrei)

3.6 km, duration approx. 1.25 hours

The small and clear Haverbeeke stream flows through the lower heath valley. A largely barrier-free heath loop leads on both sides of the flat valley. The full diversity of the heath landscape can be experienced along the Haverbeeke.

Heideschleife Tütsberg

11.9 km, duration approx. 3 hours

Around the headwaters of the Wümme. Wide open heath and grassland with only a few moderate gradients. Pretty views of the Wümmegrund. And there is a high probability of watching a herd of Heidschnucks tend to the landscape.

Heideschleife Fischbeker Heide

7.3 km, duration approx. 1.75 hours

Wide heathland landscape at the gates of Hamburg. The heath around the Fischbektal is a gem. Steep, short hills, sandy paths, soft sand hollows. Flowering heather and yellow broom. Oaks, beeches, pines and a surprising number of birches.

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12 circular hiking trails in the Lüneburg Heath - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

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12 circular hiking trails in the Lüneburg Heath - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

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12 circular hiking trails in the Lüneburg Heath - ANDERS Hotel Walsrode

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